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Pump Diagnosis
& Repair
We have almost 40 years of experience in pump & system industry that allow us to provide effective pump diagnose and repair services.

We have a competent team of highly skilled professional engineers, technicians and craftsman in each respective field.

We are capable to provide the accurate solutions to you in the fastest time.
High Level
Technical Support
We provide guaranteed high level technical support service that you can trust, with a consistent level of reliability and high performance.

We implement comprehensive servicing that tailor-made to match our client's need.

We supply a huge range of spare parts to maximize user's product experience, hassle free and convenient.
Maintenance &
of Pumps
We offer a comprehensive quality service for the maintenance and overhaul of pumps, both on location and in our workshops.

We have a pool of expertise who is professional in overhauling pump & system, from stripping, inspecting and reassembling.

We aim to achieve the purpose of maintaining the equipment in optimum operating condition.
We are the premier pump installation and pump maintenance service provider in the region.

We have skilled and experienced field service team who has performed many engineered pump installations.

We ensure that our pump operations are at their best stage.
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