Root Vacuum Blowers

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Data Specification
239.2 m³/min
98.0 kPa
Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Cast Steel, Stainless Steel

Roots Vacuum Blowers in Singapore & South East Asia

RR root vacuum pumps feature the latest industry technology from Taiko, Japan. This series is the culmination of several years of Japanese research. An exclusive type of profile developed from this research is applied to produce its specialised pneumatic dynamic for superior aeration technology.RR root vacuum pumps operate at an advanced level, especially in high pressure environments. They are highly efficient at dispersing compressed air through their sophisticated network of pumps.All roots blowers available through us in Singapore and across South East Asia are verified for optimum levels of safety and efficiency.Roots blowers manufactured by us can be designed for adaption into various industries and purposes. Sectors which widely utilize these pumps in Singapore and beyond include:Electricity PlantsChemical FertilisersSteel PlantsMetallurgyOxygen ProductionCement PlantsTextilesPapermakingDustingAquatic FarmingSewage TreatmentHigh performance roots blowers are a must for operational bases in the above industries and many more.Manufactured For Your IndustryRoots blowers can be designed with a multitude of features to suit different purposes. Some features included in our modern roots blowers in Singapore and surrounding countries include noise reduction, online filter cleaning and filter status indicators. Levels of humidity in the air dispersed by these machines can also be adjusted. Over the years, we have developed our range of services for versatility and bespoke care. Our framework of dedicated values guides our conduct and practice, so you can be assured that when you work with us, your equipment will be made with the utmost care. Client relationships mean a lot to us. Read this page to find out more about our mission and vision. If you’d like to speak to us directly, fill out an enquiry form. Alternatively, click here for phone numbers connecting to our offices across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and China.

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