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Electric Motors



Standard Compliance

All standard motors are designed and manufactured to comply with the current International Standard, such as:

International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) ...IEC 34 and IEC 72
British Standard (BS)
Australia Standard (AS) ...AS 1359


These motors are designed for operation in high ambient temperature of -20 to 40 deg.C and at an altitudes below 1,000 metres.

  • All motors are suitable for operation in either direction of rotation.
  • These motors have very low vibration levels due to high precision balancing of the rotors and fans.
  • Standard noise level are well within the requirement of most standards. (sound pressure at 1 metre).
  • All motors have Class F (100 deg.C) insulation, with a class B (80 deg.C) temperature rise.
  • Cooling to IC411 TEFC


  • Standard motors are rated for continuous duty at full nameplate rating - S1
  • Standard voltages are 380v or 415v at 50hz and 440v or 480v at 60hz
  • Motors up to including 3Kw are star connected, and only suitable for Direct-On-Line starting
  • VSD voltage 220v 50hz can be obtain for motors up to and including 3Kw when delta connected
  • Larger motors 3Kw and above are suitable for both star-delta and autotransformer starting
  • Voltage tolerance is +/-10%, operation beyond these limits will result in overheating.


  • AMAL motors have aluminium stator frames
  • HMCI and AMCI motors have cast iron stator frames
  • Cast iron DE and NDE endshields
  • All motors terminal box are mounted on top
  • Mounting available in B3, B5 and B14 configuration
  • Enclosure IP 54 as a minimum rating offered
  • Total Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC)
  • Fans are made from glass reinforced polypropylene for motors up to 280 frame size (315 - aluminum)